Chemical CleaningIntegrating innovative solutions.

UIC encompasses a diverse field of specialized and optimum services that are aimed at providing the best options for chemical cleaning services in the region. Our client list includes some of the biggest names of petrochemical, mining, energy, heavy industries and detergent companies in Oman. The unrelenting quality of excellence demanded by our clients attest to our own perfection and professionalism in maintaining high industry standards. Exceeding client expectations is our mantra for moving onward.

Union Integrated Company provides a total range of industrial maintenance, inspection and cleaning services for manufacturing plants, industrial processes, power generation facilities and water management companies. We calibrate existing conditions to obtain the best possible results, transforming problems into possibilities.

For the better part of a decade, UIC has established a stellar reputation for integrity and trust, developing cost effective cleaning solutions that stand the test of time. Our intensive and exhaustive cleaning procedures ensure the complete elimination of waste and corrosive byproducts, establishing a long line of customers in municipalities, several government organizations and the oilfield sector.

We are capable of professional engineering and execution of large-scale cleaning contracts using the industry’s best practices to chemically clean and deliver on-time for some of the most complex industrial projects in the GCC region. Our in-house engineering team is comprised of a pool of talented professionals and international consultants who study the environmental repercussions of each project and design the cleaning process to safely envelop it.

Our chemical cleaning equipment are some of the best in the industry, assiduously sourced and designed to ASME specifications, completely abolishing the threat for leaks or pipeline infraction. We undertake the project after careful review of the requirements to develop specific and relevant procedures necessary including P&I diagrams, isometrics, design features and technical data summaries, before moving on to target contamination.

With precision and result-oriented approach towards chemical cleaning, UIC is also cognizant of the various requirements that arise, which can be beneficially and responsibly sourced out to third party service providers. With our impressive experience in the field, we only choose the best operators in the market, ensuring that the client is fully satisfied.

Our additional services also include :

  • Waste profiling and disposal
  • Supply of water demineralizers
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • Equipment Rental

Specialized Services We Provide

Industrial Services

  • Tank Cleaning
  • Coating Removal
  • Wet and Dry Vacuum Services
  • Water Jetting
  • Degreasing

Oil and Gas Services

  • Internal Cleaning
  • Repair and Structural Services
  • Exterior Coating Applications
  • Pipe Cleaning

Specialized Services

  • Pickling and Passivation
  • Boiler Cleaning
  • Hydro-excavation Services
  • Video Inspection

Industries We Serve

  • Biofuels Biodiesel Ethanol
    Energy, Oil & Gas
    Primary Metals Investment Casting
  • Buildings & Institutions Government Hospitals & Healthcare Hotels & Resorts
    Chemicals Ammonia & Fertilizer Natural Gas Processing Petrochemicals Specialty Chemicals
    Natural Gas Processing
    Natural Gas Processing Natural Gas Processing Natural Gas Processing Natural Gas Processing
  • Food & Beverage Beverage Canning Dairy Edible Oil
    Mining & Mineral Processing Alumina Coal Gold, Silver & Platinum Industrial Minerals Oil Sands Phosphate & Potash Sand, Gravel & Aggregate
  • Manufacturing Aerospace & Defense Automotive Building Materials Corrogated Box Fiber Cement Fiberglass Mat Glass Industrial Machinery Non-Woven Textiles Photovoltaic Plastics Textiles Tire & Rubber Wood Woven Textiles

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