Supply and Distribution

At UIC, we don’t merely supply and distribute, we also offer value added services, integrating various aspects of supply from blending, mixing, packaging and storage. Many of our customers look up to us as a total solution provider for all their chemical handling solutions. We offer turnkey assistance in all our capacities, even providing flexible terms of handling and stocking including packing and repackage as per the exact specification.

All our packs are tested as per the industry standards and comply entirely with the guidelines for packing of hazardous materials. We aim to reduce high disposal costs and also reduce packaging waste.

  • All our staff are well-trained and professionally qualified to handle any of your enquires with friendliness and courtesy. We offer a personalized solution and a vast bank of knowledge and expertise from which we draw upon.

  • Aside from our core business of supply of bulk and industrial grade chemicals, our entry into the diverse fields of transportation and logistics have seen us incorporating multi-disciplinary fields, providing specialized solutions to professional carriage of chemicals, building materials and industrial consumables.

  • Energy, Oil & Gas
    Power Generation Air Protection Technologies
    Pulp & Paper Board & Packaging Graphic Papers Tissue & Towel
  • Buildings & Institutions Education Government Hospitals & Healthcare Hotels & Resorts.
    Food & Beverage Beverage Canning Dairy Edible Oil Grain & Starch Meat, Poultry and Seafood Sugar
    Natural Gas Processing
    Primary Metals Investment Casting
  • Manufacturing Aerospace & Defense Automotive Building Materials Corrogated Box Electronics Fiber Cement Fiberglass Mat Glass Household Personal Products Industrial Machinery Non-Woven Textiles Photovoltaic Plastics Textiles Tire & Rubber Wood Woven Textiles
  • Mining & Mineral Processing Alumina Coal Gold, Silver & Platinum Industrial Minerals Oil Sands Phosphate & Potash Sand, Gravel & Aggregate
    Food & Beverage Beverage Canning Dairy Edible Oil Grain & Starch Meat, Poultry and Seafood Sugar