Wastewater Management Resourceful, Renewable, Reliable.

UIC is at the cutting edge of a comprehensive and ingenious range of wastewater management services in the country. Developing rapidly and taking new technologies in our stride, we have positioned ourselves as one of the most trusted consultants for waste water treatment in the field.

Wastewater treatment has a scope of work that is integral to your field of operation, transitioning the smoothness of your operation to fiscally beneficial results.

UIC provides you the tools required to competently ascertain the extent of your operation, analyze, determine and recycle or dispose your entire output of wastewater from clarification until the stages of discharge and disposal.

We understand the critical effectiveness of a valid wastewater treatment plan to minimize the impact on the environment. Understanding this, Union Integrated Company is committed to following and fulfilling all the requirements of the directives as issued by the Ministry of Environment and Climatic Affairs. We have formulated an ethical system to minimize your cost of operation and power your return on investment—and we can even provide original, customized solutions to help fulfill all your water quality requirements.

We are the only service provider in Oman to offer creative analytical services in helping you meet the stringent discharge limits as well as managing and perfecting sludge operations. We understand that solids handling, disposal of emulsifiers and detergent along with hardwater reuse, renewal and recycling wastes are one of the main prerogatives of your process plant. As one of the region’s most preferred master distributor of industrial chemicals, we can also offer you chemicals for creative treatment as well as various waste disposal products and services.

Our solution suite focuses primarily on
the following services:

  • Economic efficiency in overall plant operations
  • Regulating and improving efficiency of your equipment
  • Compliance and conformance to environmental standards
  • Developing operator competence

Specialized Services We Provide

  • Chemical Flashing
  • Primary Treatment
  • Oily Wastewater / Foam Control
  • Secondary Treatment
  • Drum Cleaning
  • Water Reuse and Recycling

Industries We Serve

  • Biofuels Biodiesel Ethanol
    Natural Gas Processing
    Primary Metals Investment Casting
    Pulp & Paper Board & Packaging Graphic Papers Tissue & Towel
  • Buildings & Institutions Commercial Buildings Data Centers Education Government Hospitals & Healthcare Hotels & Resorts
    Food & Beverage Beverage Canning Dairy Edible Oil Grain & Starch Meat, Poultry and Seafood Sugar
  • Chemicals Ammonia & Fertilizer Natural Gas Processing Petrochemicals Specialty Chemicals
    Power Generation Air Protection Technologies
    Mining & Mineral Processing Alumina Coal Gold, Silver & Platinum Industrial Minerals Oil Sands Phosphate & Potash Sand, Gravel & Aggregate
  • Manufacturing Aerospace & Defense Automotive Building Materials Corrogated Box Electronics Fiber Cement Fiberglass Mat Glass Household Personal Products Industrial Machinery Non-Woven Textiles Photovoltaic Plastics Textiles Tire & Rubber Wood Woven Textiles

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