Hazardous Waste Management, Water Recycling And Reuse

UIC offers two categories of Waste Management Solution to their clients, saving them time and money. Services can be provided either on customer site “On- Site” Services or “Facility Services” as in UIC picks up the waste and manages it at its facility. Both options are there to provide ease and convenience to clients.

Waste Management services are:

UIC Facility Services

All trucks are permitted by National Authorities to transport almost all types of items. With a Permit from Civil defense and approval from Be’ah, our trucks can move your hazardous material in compliance with the legal legislations. UIC has a modern fleet of prime movers and trailers to move your goods in a safe and efficient manner. All UIC’s trucks have IVMS to monitor ongoing performance. All our drivers have under gone extensive training to ensure they provide an exemplary service and respond appropriately in any emergency situation.

NORM Surveys

Our well trained team performs detailed assessments to determine the presence and/or level of radioactive contamination at oil and gas sites. The NORM survey conducted will provide the information necessary to develop the most cost-efficient remediation plans and specifications, if needed, that meet all regulatory compliance requirements.

Our Other Services

Offers different services to provide solutions to your industrial needs.

Chemical division:  Waste Water Treatment & Water recycle & reuse.

Transportation: Provides transportation, internal or external, to move your loads, chemicals, or any other transportation needs.

Waste Management: Disposal of hazardous waste. The first priority is in country outlet, otherwise export for proper disposal.

On Site Management: Provide experts onsite to manage your warehouses and inventory.

Chemical Moves: Moving your chemicals from one place to another in accordance with local regulation ensuring your material is safe, secure and its original form.

Consultation: When in doubt, call UIC for guidance to manage your facility or other industrial needs.