Mud Engineering/Drilling Services

UIC provide Mud Engineering, Mud Cooler & Centrifuge and supply of Drilling Fluids Services.

We provide our customers with a reliable, accessible and effective source of technical support and products that suits their requirements. We have highly experienced mud engineers who have worked on various mud engineering projects across the oil and gas industry.

Our services in this area are Formulation of Drilling fluids, Provision of onshore and rig site equipment for drilling fluids, provision of offshore and Rig Site personnel for drilling fluids and Engineering services support.

Our Mud Engineers are well experienced and capable to create the various combinations of mud that will be used during the different stages of the drilling process.

Our Mud Engineers and Technicians are trained in the safe handling and transportation of our products. Our product line includes Water based drilling fluid, synthetic based drilling fluid, and oil based drilling fluids.

UIC also provides services for Mud Cooler. Mud Coolers are very specialized equipment used in the High-Pressure High Temperature (“HPHT”) drilling activities. In HT / HP wells the temperature of the drilling fluid must be strictly controlled to keep its properties within the specified parameters for that particular well. Mud Coolers also contribute towards longer life span of mud-wetted drilling equipment and components, particularly rubberized parts.

Union Integrated Company supplies Mud Testing Kits with all necessary apparatus, equipment and reagents to all Rigs.

UIC has fully equipped laboratory at Samail Industrial Estate with all advanced Mud Testing equipment which includes Dynamic Filter Press, HPHT Viscometer, Lubricity Tester, Particle Size Distribution etc with capable Laboratory Personnel.